Celebrating African Excellence


Thuso Architects has been established to be the leading design consultancy in South Africa specialising in 'Contemporary African Architecture'.

Thuso Architects is a 100% black owned architectural firm specialising in commercial, retail and residential projects where innovation and sustainability is imperative.

Main Services

A suite of architectural design enthusiasts implementing

global best practices with access to industry specialists in

residential, commercial & retail to unlock value

Multi-engineering solution where qualified &

experienced built-environment professionals

provide a single interface to your building project 

to oversee it till completion.

For low scale residential & projects of low complexity, we offer our in house team of builders and tradesmen to execute the construction of our planning professionals


Consulting on building design solutions from initial concept to technical documentation, co-ordinating with the professional to bring the project to finalisation to clients spec.


Collaborating with stake- holders to define a scope in which to carry out extensive research investigations in line with our 5 Pillars of Knowledge


Offering a single interface to the professional and building team working with the client to deliver projects out of the normal scope of work


Offering partial architectural draughting support on projects where specialist architectural services are not needed

Our Workflow

Stage 1 - Predesign

Research & investigations, site analysis, programming, project conditions, budgeting, code review & confirmation of brief.

Stage 2 - Schematic Design

Basic design concept generation, conformity with brief, need for consultants, review of codes & programme

Stage 3 - Design Development

Refinement of the selected design concept from Stage 2 to be in line with technical, user & local authority requirements

Stage 4 - Construction Documents

Acquire necessary approvals from authorities and issue detailed drawings, schedules and specifications for construction

Stage 5 - Co-ordinate Construction

Aid in contract award or execution of works with full supervision and quality control while administering contract

Stage 6 - Project Handover

Assist with certificates & construction finalization.

House Mafatshe, Monaghan Farm


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Thuso Architects

Thuso Architects is a 100% black owned architectural firm specialising in commercial, retail and residential projects where innovation and sustainability is imperative. We are a team of highly qualified and specialised professionals working with developers and property investors to unlock value within the African continents built environment. Our core offering is to design solutions that best support the function of our clients; specifically by decreasing capital costs on new projects, decreasing their operational costs and using design to increase our clients’ market share.

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